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I am a parent

I'm a Parent

Why should your child pursue a career in IT/BPM industry?

Ground breaking technological advancements and a paradigm shift towards a “digital world” has created a high demand for IT and BPM related professionals, who will play a pivotal role in the knowledge based economy. Are you looking for a highly demanded and well compensated employment for your child? As long as your child’s talents and interests are aligned, this is the industry to focus on.

gaining respect

It's gaining respect and recognition

Until a few years ago, only the mainstream traditional employments like Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers were recognized as true professions. Since of late, the a new generation professions like Software Engineers, Research Analysts and Business Process Specialists enjoy the same levels of recognition by the modern society. Exposure to international working environments, opportunities to travel and well established business ethics are contributing to this recognition. Your child will not only have a successful career in the IT/BPM industry, but also will be a well identified citizen in the community. See a message by Mr. Lalith Weeratunga, the Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka.

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Continuous learning and growth

Continuous learning and growth

IT/BPM industry provide knowledge based services that requires continuous learning and development. As such the industry invest heavily on training and personnel development. Your child will have a great opportunity to learn and self-development if employed in IT/BPM industry.

International exposure and financial strength

International exposure and financial strength

IT and BPM industry is one of the highest paid employment sector in Sri Lanka. This adds a strong financial security to your child’s life and also allows them to enjoy a great lifestyle.

Often, IT-BPM professionals work in international grade working environments. They interact with foreign clients and travel to other countries. This is a great opportunity for your child to gain global exposure without leaving Sri Lanka.

Women in IT and BPM Industry

Already as much as 48% of the industry are women. Workspace security, flexible working hours, outstanding business environments have attracting young females in this knowledge driven industry. Some of the most senior positions are held by women in this industry.

Support your child

It’s important to identify your child’s inherent talents and align their future education with that. No matter what career path they take, IT will be a subject matter that has to be familiar with. In supporting their future direction, your awareness in IT industry and day-to-day use of IT in our lives will be certainly helpful.

A parents and teachers guide to IT and BPM