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I am a student

I’m a student!

After O/L

Have you just completed your Ordinary Level Exam? Traditionally, the next step is to prepare for your Advanced Level studies.

But, did you know that, you can start a Degree program right after O/L's? This is a good way to enter the industry with a degree at a very young age.

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After A/L

If you have sat for your Advanced Level exam and pending results, you must be planning what to do next. If you have very good results you can enter in to a state university to obtain a degree which will be the forthright way to enter the industry.

If not, you can get a degree offered by a private institute or chose a professional certification that would aid you to enter the career path you desire.

Vocational Training

After O/L or A/L, there are many ways to enter the IT/BPM industry without going through the traditional degree path. Vocational Education provides you with entry level theoretical knowledge and practical skills for a profession. Good news is, you can start immediately after school and complete fast. After which through an internship or an entry level job you can gain necessary experience to be marketable in the industry.

IT Degrees

If you want to be a Software Engineer, Test Analyst or a Network Specialist, this is the path you should take! IT Degrees are provided both by state and private universities. There’s a significant demand for IT graduates in Sri Lanka and they are paid well. You can also start with certain training programs at Diploma level that can be extended to a degree later on. Some degree programs are available on part-time basis, which allows you to work while you study.

IT Degrees


Whether you take the vocational training path, or the degree path to gain theoretical knowledge, nothing is comparable to getting industrial work experience. Many companies provide short internship programmes for students in related education streams. Some degree programs even integrate an internship period to their curriculum. Not only it’s a great platform to get first-hand experience, some students find their future employers during the internship.

Looking for an employer?

In IT/BPO Industry, there are continuous employment opportunities available in many levels. When you look for an employment, most important thing is to be aware of the vacancies and positions that match your skillset. There are many formal sources like job advertisements, as well as informal sources like referrals and social media.