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Why choosing an IT/BPM career?

It’s a Fast Growing Industry!

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Worldwide demand for IT and BPM Solutions are growing rapidly and we have had a growth rate of 20% over the last few years in Sri Lanka. The demand for skilled professionals has been the highest ever to cater to this growth.

International Demand and Exposure

With most of the Sri Lankan IT/BPM industry clients being international firms, you would have direct exposure to international standards and best practices and gain invaluable knowledge and expertise interacting with them directly.Your qualifications are often recognized internationally and therefore will not need to re-certify yourself unlike in traditional employment tracks, if you are to work overseas.

It’s like gaining International work experience while living in Sri Lanka with your friends & family!

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Great rewards

Great rewards

IT and BPM are two of the highest paying industries at present, making even entry level salaries very attractive. That's not all, with international exposure and opportunity to work in other countries alongside some of the best brains in the business; your benefits are not limited to mere financials. It's not strange to see young professionals holding senior positions after five years in their career, due to the rapid career growth, based purely on skills and performance.

Careers and self development

Careers and self development

IT/BPM industry runs on skills and performance and is on par with global work environments. Companies invest heavily on training and development to nurture individual career paths. If you choose an IT/BPM career, not only will you have the flexibility to do what you like, you will have tremendous opportunities to learn new things and develop both technical and non-technical skills.